a play in computers

I approach technology via acoustical pickups. By modifying electronic
devices, machines or software I try turning them into actors of not visible
'plays in computers'.

I work with machinic noises as mediators for the processes and stories
taking place between soft- and hardware. I am considering time and space
of CPU and RAM as a fictitious stage. Running software is creating own
temporal and spatial dimensions, which I am experimenting with and
trying to stage them.


Born in Munich 1974, living in Zürich since 2001. 1994-1997 Studies of
Information Systems. 1997-2000 Organisation and development in Germany
and Thailand. 2001 - 2006 at the Departement for New Media (SNM) at the
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Zurich. Three months residency in
Tesla Berlin in 2006/07.


2006/07 Sei Personaggi Part 2

Diploma exhibition Toni-Areal, Zürich (CH) july 2006
Presentation at Piksel Festival in Bergen (NO) 2006
Open Studio at Tesla Berlin during Transmediale (D),
February 2007
Solo exhibition, Luzein (CH) March 2007
Exhibition by Plattform07, Zürich (CH) April 2007
PD Convention Montreal 2007
Makeart Festival Poitiers (FR) 2008
TPC CreaTVity Award (CH) 2006


2004 Harddisko
Hard Drives Orchestra

Kunsthalle and Schikaneder, Vienna (A) july 2004
Festival Anorg for computermusic, Zürich (CH) 2004
Kunstraum Aarau, Aarau (CH) march 2006
Piksel Festival, Bergen (NO) october 2006   
DEAF, Rotterdam (NL) april 2007
Hartware MedienKunstVerein Dortmund (DE) 2007
Digital Art Festival "Openplay" Taipei (TW) 2007
Electronic Arts Festival "Shift" Basel (CH) 2008
Pixelache Festival Helsinki (FI) 2009
Harddisko on Vinyl with Artkillart (FR) 2009


2004 Tramjam
In Time to the Tram Car
Streetconcerts with Mumbai Streaming Attack

Tram line improvisation in a public city centre: one tram line per person,
using samples or live sounds, computer or musical instruments. The audio
stream is being broadcasted in synchronisation with the tram schedule and
via radio.

Vienna (AT) july 2004, 33 tram lines
Rotterdam (NL) november 2004, 9 tram lines

Tokoy (JP) november 2007, 41 historic tram lines
Bangalore (INDIA) december 2007, fictitious trams


2005 Cresta unter Wasser
Sonochromatic Pool Apparatus for Subaqueous Woman
with Niki Schawalder, Philipp Oettli, Olsen Wolf

Interactive video installation with visitor’s footstep echos triggering a
wave-generating muscle and layered video material in a
glas-cubus-swimming-pool. The videos are materializing the sight and the
memories of the subaqueous woman trapped in the grounds of a lake.

Fixed installation Parkthotel Waldhaus Flims (CH),
july 2005-august 2006


2003 Teleklettergarten
Biggest Keyboard in the World
with ´Freie Online Klasse

Programmers are climbing trivial and illegial software code.

Ars Electronica Linz (AT) 2003

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