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                   a play in computers

   where is a stage character if not in a play?

The italian theatre author Luigi Pirandello holds his fantasy responsible for the
six characters visting him, the ‘Sei Personaggi’: father, daughter, mother, son
and two little children. An ’operational accident’ as he calls it, as their family
drama is not worth it, to be shown on stage. Instead he turned their search
into a theatre play (Six Characters in Search of an Author’ from 1921):
Without a play, the figures are ‘alive’ and not existent at the same time.
Their scenes are written inside of them and ‘force’ the family to search for
a stage and an audience themselves. Their attempt fails.


In the continuation of the ‘Sei Personaggi’’s search, the characters are played
by computer processes. Reading passages of the manuscripts, the programs
mutually control each other according to the signs they are processing.
A particular kind of machinic dialogues is evolving inside the computing
systems. Instead of actors, disused hardware and the performance of the
operating systems affects the course of the play.
Time beating processors and working memories determine time and space
of this fictitious, not visible stage, which spreads over the interiors of the
networked machines.

Microphones follow the fleeting trails of the characters inside the systems’
kernels. The magnetic fields of the memory modules (RAM) are being picked
up acoustically while the experimental computer drama is moving on.

Bash Scripts | Linux Signals | Text Terminals | Systembeeps
200 MHz | 80-130 MB Ram | Linux
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make art | 25 - 30 November 08 | Poitiers (FR)
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Research project with Hasena | 17 März 07 - 1 April 07Luzein Graubünden
Open Studio Tesla Berlin | 18 Jan 07 - 03 Feb 07 | Wed - Sat | 18:00 - 22:00h

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Residency: Tesla Berlin | Light: Mario Arnold | Computer: Kratzer Automation